corrugated with a very high
strength-to-weight ratio


Manufactured shipping containers


One layer of fluting
smooth sheets

What is Corrugated?

Corrugated is easy to recognize. Corrugated is made of paper and has an arched layer, called "fluting," between smooth sheets, called "liner." This arched layer provides corrugated with a very high strength-to-weight ratio. The corrugated most commonly used to make boxes has one layer of fluting between two smooth sheets. But there are many types of corrugated available, each with different flute sizes and thicknesses.

Tenaciously Protective

Corrugated combines structural rigidity with superior cushioning qualities. Corrugated containers nest products in an optimally protective environment.

Environmentally Responsible

Corrugated, made from a natural renewable resource, has a great environmental record.

Preeminently Cost-effective

One of the least expensive containers ever developed, the overall cost of corrugated shipping containers.


Welcome To Sterling Packaging

We 'Sterling Packaging' is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of corrugated boxes in India. We have achieved a unique status as a mature yet changing and responsive Industry. It has consolidated its position of strength due to the:

  • Access of renewable and recyclable raw materials
  • Low relative cost
  • The light weight and strength of the product
  • Multiple choices and all seasons product availability

Our company deals with wide variety of industrial packaging products. Our company is acknowledged for its features like strength, accuracy & quality. Due to client centric approach, we offer them customized solutions.