62” Heavy Duty oblique type High speed single Face paper Corrugating machine with 1set of Narrow Flute Roll fitted with Roller Bearing with heaters or steam arrangement with 1 No. pre heaters with winding shaft and sheet splitter and motorised self loading reel stand with AC Drive speed motor

85” Rotary reel to sheet cutter as well as 2 ply Board Cutter with PIV Gear Box (Ratio 1:5) for changing minimum 20" and maximum 80" counter with delivery conveyor.

105” Sheet Pasting Machine with Motor complete ( All Three Rollers Hard Chrome Plated)

85” 4 Bar Rotary Creasing and Cutting machine with 6 sets Creasing and 6 sets cutting heads with motor.

85” Heavy Duty all Geared Eccentric slotter fitted on Brass Bearing with 3 slotting heads and 1 corner heads slot depth 18" with motor complete.

Box Stitching machine with motor complete 48"

40” x 54” Heavy duty carton punching, creasing,cutting and embossing machine.